Missing Bird Alert… please help if you are in the Anchorage area

Ladies & Gentlemen,
On Thursday, 1/7/10, an incident occurred resulting in our Red Tailed Hawk, “Red”, being turned loose out of his mew.
He was last seen late Thursday night sitting in a tree at the corner of 64th & C. But was not there this morning. ‘Red’ is fully flighted and wearing jesses. He should not be hard to spot, as all of the wild Red Tails have left the state. If you have time to cruise the neighborhoods around BTLC that would be extremely helpful. With many eyes, we may get him back.
If you see him, PLEASE, call my cell at 351-8906.
He is a dead bird if we don’t recapture him soon.
Thanks for everyone’s help.
Cindy Palmatier
Director of Avian Care
Bird Treatment & Learning Center
6132 Nielson Way
Anchorage, AK 99518
(907) 562-4813

[email protected]