Loose dogs… again!

There is a house along what used to be my usual walking route. It is no longer my usual walking route because this house has multiple dogs who are often roaming freely and are, quite frankly, scary.

So last Sunday as Elaine and I were walking, we looked ahead and saw the meanest dog was loose and already looking our way and barking. We turned around and decided to go a different route. As we retraced our steps, we came upon a gentleman walking his dog. We warned him about the loose dog. He said he knew it quite well. It had already cost him about $150 in vet bills when the loose dog attacked his dog. He said after the attack, he went to the house to speak to the people there. The lady he spoke to suggested he carry pepper spray and spray the dog if it acted aggressive again.

And all I could think was that if anyone deserves to get a face full of pepper spray, it’s the lady who lets her dog run loose to terrorize the neighborhood, not the dog.

Some people are such complete assholes it’s hard to accept they belong to the same human race that I do.