The Golden Globes

Well, I finally got the tiara back in the box until the Oscars or Screen Actors Guild Awards or whatever dress up show comes next as Hollywood celebrates itself on the off chance we forget to.  And I have this to say.

Cher looks like a full size wind up Cher doll with a face capable of no natural movement. And really, when you are in your sixties and have had enough plastic surgery to look like something Dr. Frankenstein made in his lab, you don’t have to add a black dominatrix dress to the mix. It just makes you more pathetic.

Ditto on the surgery when it comes to Sophia Loren though at least her dress was a tad more appropriate.

And would it really be that much trouble to keep the presenters sober until after their presentation.

Highlight of the evening… Every word out of Ricky Gervais’ mouth but mostly the comment about Mel Gibson and Paul McCartney comment about adults who watch cartoons.