An Explanation

A few days back I described an encounter with a moose on my front lawn. The query came in as to why there was no picture to accompany the story. It occurred to me that in today’s world, everyone’s cell phone takes pictures so everything is – or can be – instantly documented. Although I can think of more than one time where I would not have wanted instant documentation of what I was doing, I guess I can see where that impulse comes from.

The thing is, I don’t own a cell phone. Don’t want one either. So I have no instant camera. And, as it turns out, no other kinds of camera either. This means I am forced to rely on my memory of an event and my ability to describe it in words. It’s a system that has worked for me for a long time. It keeps my brain flexed and active.  I think I’ll stick with it and paint my pictures with words instead of cell phone shots.

It’s my little Luddite rebellion moment for 2010.