Now my phone scares me

Ah modern life. I was standing in my utility room getting dinner for the downstairs birds when the phone rang. Suddenly, a disembodied voice came from the phone after just one ring saying “bag lespee”. I thought it was odd that my answer machine was picking up in only one ring. I thought it was odder when I went in to the office to find no message. If no one had recorded a message on the answer machine, then where had the voice come from? I picked up the phone and there seemed to be nothing on the other end. I hung up. The phone rang again almost immediately. Once again a disembodied voice floated out of it insisting that “bag lespee” was calling. I picked up the phone and tentatively said hello. My friend Leslie Bagne was on the other end.

Apparently when I switched phone service recently, I got caller ID. They should tell people that. They should tell people their phone can talk to them. It’s simply not polite to scare old people. Now I wonder each day what else my phone can do – and will I be scared when I find out….

Ok god what I would give for a black phone with a rotary dial.