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My new friend Sassy


Just when I thought I couldn’t squeeze another bird into my home, along came Sassy, a delightful Senegal who was losing her foster home because her foster parents were moving out of state.

Sassy is a beautifully feathered, friendly little Senegal who would love to someday have a forever home. If you are interested in companion birds, please remember that there is no need to pay big bucks for a wonderful friend. The Alaska Chapter of the Parrot Education and Adoption Center has many great birds waiting to find their forever home.

You can visit the Ak PEAC website at and see all the birds we currently have in foster care waiting for a permanent home.The site lists our education programs and explains how you can help one of these beautiful creatures.

If you already have a bird and are having any issues that are causing you to think that you might want to give your bird up, please first give us a call or e-mail. Our volunteers can be very helpful in dealing with problems and some of our education lectures might open your eyes to issues you never realized might be affecting your bird. I had parrots for thirty years before I found PEAC and I learned more from their programs in one year than I’d ever learned before.

Finally, a plea. If you no longer want your bird, please do NOT set him free in Anchorage. That is an instant death sentence. Parrots don’t do well in snow and freezing temps. House birds don’t know how to fend off predators. And honestly, how much food do you really think they’ll find to sustain them. Do you think I’m making a big deal of of nothing here? Let me just say that two of my foster birds were found outside where they’d clearly been “set free” since no one ever called any vet clinic or animal control to ask if their bird had been found.

So use some common sense and don’t be cruel to a little creature that has no control over what happens to it in its life. Have the decency to bring your bird to a place that will care for it if you no longer can.