A scoter?

I love it when a bird decides to hitch hike up to Alaska on a freighter. We’ve had owls who’ve done it in the past and then had to find them a ride home to where they belonged. A few days ago, a very nice man came to Bird TLC carrying a towel with what initially looked like some kind of duck inside. It was a scoter. The gentleman had been at the freighter as it was being unloaded and someone handed the bird to him and told him it had been on the ship since it left Washington State.

Needless to say, the bird looked a little tired, a lot bewildered and slightly hungry and thirsty. However, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, thanks to Uncle Ted, we have something called the SeaLife Center here in Alaska and little Scoter went straight there as soon as he was rested enough to make the journey comfortably. They have sea water tanks and all the little fishes Scoter needs to get better.

After that, it will merely be a matter of getting him a ticket home.

I love stories with a happy ending, don’t you?