People watching in Vegas

My sister spends the day working, leaving me alone to amuse myself in Vegas. And here’s the thing.  Vegas can be endlessly amusing at absolutely no cost. Grab a complimentary coffee while pretending to play the penny slot machines and then wander outside and sit. That’s all it takes. The world passes before you. And what a bizarre world it is.

Sometimes it seems as though we forget that despite all the political and religious differences that divide us, what really unites us is how we aren’t really anything like the people who seem to inhabit Las Vegas in every show on TV.

They are all perfect. Perfect bodies. Perfect faces. Perfect wardrobe. Perfect shoes. Even while searching the sewers for a decayed body, the women on CSI maintain their perfect lipgloss and the men’s hair never stops being a perfectly gelled coif.

All of which is fine since we all need someone to inspire us to at least put a bra on in the morning. But a very brief time people watching on the Vegas strip makes it perfectly clear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder can sometimes have a very cloudy eye.

So here’s my contribution to the beautification of this world. No one who is more than two sizes over what is considered obese should either wear body hugging t-shirts or tops that expose their midriffs. Ditto for pants that hang below the bulge that is where your abs would be if you had any. And if the shirt you are wearing does not reach far enough down to meet the top of your low pants, consider buying something with more material.

Come on people. This isn’t rocket science.

One more thing. Ladies…dark blue eye shadow at 8 AM can only be kindly called disconcerting and is totally inappropriate unless you are dressed in last night’s dancing outfit and just emerging from a party.