Hurt feelings

During beautiful weather days in Anchorage, I like to take Abdul, my African Grey parrot, out on the back deck to enjoy the sunshine and breeze and sounds of nature around us. Abdul has no wings to fly thanks to the fact that he got into the habit of chewing them up in some previous life so this is safe. And there are trees overlooking the deck which helps to deter predators from the sky.

So there we were, enjoying the sun when Blondie woke up from her nap under the deck and realized from the sounds above her that I was outside on the deck. She came bounding up the stairs only to stop dead in her tracks on the top stair when she saw Abdul on the deck.

Abdul, ever the cheery fellow, called out happily, “C’mon here, Blondie”. Blondie looked at me with as hurt a look as a dog can possibly muster. She looked at Abdul with fear mingled with distrust and turned tail and went right back down the stairs. I did not see her again until dinner time.