Thoughts after lunching with a friend and her son

As I was leaving lunch today, I watched you, Malia, drive by in the truck with all those boys inside and thought how lucky your kids are and Noe’s kids are because you both actually decided to not only have kids, but to actually raise them and not leave them to someone else to raise. I realize as Blayke and Travis (perhaps, in some ways, especially Travis – he always owned my heart) enter the teen years you both will soon realize that something horrible has happened to your children. According to my friend Kate, the teen fairy comes at night and sucks all the brains out of boys when they hit puberty and redistributes the brain matter south of the border so that their thought processes and decision making ability makes you wonder how they will ever survive in the world alone.

But I am here to tell you that after watching Kate’s boys turn into wonderful young men whose brains have actually (somewhat) migrated back north, you have nothing to worry about. And as someone who takes care of a lot of kids because they were not lucky enough to be raised by decent parents, thank you. You are raising some wonderful young people… yes, even and especially Travis.