The Catholic Church once again proves my theory

I’ve always suspected that men, if left alone without the influence of women, would eventually prove themselves to be total idiots. And now the Catholic Church has once again confirmed my theory.

That doddering old boys’ club is about to announce new rules to cover that little sex abuse issue that’s recently arisen. Unable, apparently, to find fault with a man without also finding a reason to be hateful to women, the new rules for governing how the church should respond to child sexual abuse among its ALL MALE priesthood will also contain the statement that ordaining women is as serious a sin as abusing minors and mentally ill adults.

Oh yeah… I did notice something missing in those new sins. Seems as though the church still can’t quite bring itself to punish bishops who cover up abuse so they aren’t mentioned at all in the newly announced sin list.

Let’s see if I have this straight… ordaining women will send you to hell but covering up for pedophiles is perfectly acceptable.

Way to go, pope. That’s exactly the way Jesus would do it.