And this is why I’m single

If my fantasy could come true of an actual person coming into my bed at night it would be George Clooney. Not any character he’s ever played, but the man himself. He seems so sweet and caring and funny. You know a night with him would be wonderful.

But if my fantasy were to come true about a night of wild and unbridled passion, then it would be Tony Stark coming to my bed. Not Robert Downey, Jr. but the character he created. Because while I feel that Mr. Downey is probably the most brilliant actor of his generation – I mean, let’s face it, when he’s onscreen everyone else is just window dressing – you can’t take your eyes off what he’s doing at every moment or you miss some little piece of extraordinary acting…. but Mr. Downey is not who I want in my bed. I want Tony Stark – a somewhat deranged, emotionally screwed up megalomaniacal narcissist.  Talk about describing the kind of man who sets my bells to ringing.

It’s the story of my life… any man who is a little deranged, a little dangerous, a little criminal, a lot needy… any man walking the edge with one foot going over… that’s the guy I can pick out in a roomful of good solid citizens and he will be the only one who I gravitate to.

And this is why I actively choose to stay single.