At least I no longer feel guilty

Turns out that the pus coming from Blue’s eye was not the result of me not noticing an abscess and pain over many weeks. No, it was the result of another little tiff she had with Blondie over the droppings on the bottom of the bird cage.

Blue and Blondie had a snarly moment on Friday that I thought did not involve any contact as much as a lot of growly posturing. But apparently Blondie managed to nip Blue on the inside of her mouth again. This time, possibly due to the fact that the bite was probably mixed with what drops to the bottom of a bird cage, the infection went nuts in just two days leading to the pus coming out of her eye from a channel that apparently goes from the top of her mouth to her eye.

As I handed over my credit card while sobbing softly at the price I was about to pay for the surgery they had to do, I seriously thought about having Blondie defanged because I simply can’t afford to fix the problems she creates every year or so when she snarls at Blue. I would mind as much if she seemed in the slightest bit sorry but she barely registered Blue’s absence while in surgery all day and gave but a brief sniff and nod when Blue returned.

Then I realized I don’t have enough money left to have Blondie defanged. So we will now resort to putting them in two different rooms while the birds eat their evening meal.

I hate to admit it, but every once in a while I get the impression that mine is not a normal household.