So I got another unwanted telephone book dumped on my porch today. When I called to have it removed by the company that distributed it, Local Pages of Alaska (situated, oddly enough, in Utah), they told me to just put it in recycle as they had no way to pick it up. Strange, isn’t it, that they have a way to come up on my property without an invitation to drop off another waste of trees that could be cleansing our air with good oxygen but they have no way to make the return trip to pick it up. If I don’t want their uncalled for present to pollute my landfill, I have to recycle it as they lose all interest once they’ve dumped it on me.

After much arguing, the young man I was dealing with – who went, most interestingly, from being a customer service rep to being the department manager when I asked to speak to his supervisor, took my address down. I expect he tossed it directly into the trash despite my demand that I be removed from their distribution list.

Whoever brings the book to my porch next year had better pray I’m not home when they do or they may find out just how strongly I feel about people coming uninvited on to my property to deliver unwanted goods that pollute my world in the making and are obsolete for anyone who has access to Google.