Reason number 4,365,825 for me to panic

My wonderful cousin Marina (ok, there are a million Marina’s in my family and they are all wonderful but right now I’m referring to the one who will soon be Mrs. Williams) has thoughtfully invited me to not only the wedding but also to the rehearsal dinner the night before. I am honored by the invite. But I am also panicked since I’m going to guess I’ll now have to buy something for both the rehearsal dinner AND the wedding. That’s more clothes shopping than I normally do in a year or so.

If I try to make do with one outfit, sure as god made little green apples I’ll spill something on it at the dinner so I will have nothing to wear at the wedding.

If I buy two outfits, the chances increase exponentially that I will get one of them totally wrong, thus causing my family to once again look at me sadly, shake their heads ruefully and allow as how they have to look past the clothes and keep in mind that I’m really a nice person.