R. I. P. – Blue – December 27, 2010


Blue went over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She had stopped eating altogether and that was a strong signal from a dog who once tried to push a couch across the floor to get to a treat that had rolled under it. I only had her for four years but she was a silly, loving dog motivated by food in a way this Italian could totally understand. When her dish was filled and she had to wait for it to be put on the floor until Blondie showed up… Blondie was never as interested… Blue would do a dance I called her “Timmy’s-in-the-well” dance, jumping and turning in circles and generally getting hysterical because there was a bowl of food on the counter and I needed to know that she couldn’t reach it there.

Each time I lose an friend like this I wonder why I still have pets. And then I remember why. Because they bring more devotion and love to me than I could ever in a million years repay to them. This pain I’m feeling is nothing compared to the love they offer every day.