Service? What service?

So JC Penney up here in Anchorage has this company they contract with who supposedly will measure your windows and then come and install whatever new window blinds/slats, etc. that you choose to replace the tired old things that have been hanging there since you moved in. And here is what that company considers providing service.

For starts, it takes at least two phone calls to your friendly JC Penney salesperson to get the measuring/installing appointment person to even call you. Then, when the blinds have arrived and you make an appointment to have them installed… because, you are told, if they do the measuring and installing, they give a guarantee the things will fit… you get to wait a few weeks. You are told that when they come to install, you have to have each blind at each window where it is to be hung and you have to have it out of its packaging and ready to go.

So, like the fool I am, I get up at the crack of dawn on the day they are due to arrive at 9 AM and take down all the temporary coverings I’ve put over the windows since the painting was finished. I get my friend to carry all the blinds in and place them all around the house with the packaging open and ready to go. And then, about 45 minutes before they are due to arrive, I get a phone call telling me their van has been in the shop for the past two days and they aren’t going to be able to make it. Not only are they apparently unable to travel in a simple car with a box of tools to do this job… I mean, we are hanging blinds here, not building a damned house… but they also will not be able to reschedule until three weeks from now at the earliest.

And for some reason, they are unable to comprehend why I might be just a bit angry and put out about this or angry at living in a house with no privacy for a month or angry at the idea of going back and rehanging every piece of temporary window covering I JUST TOOK DOWN.

Why they couldn’t call yesterday is beyond me. Why Penney’s uses them is totally beyond me. Seems to me that Penney’s might want to reconsider just who the hell they recommend and contract with.

As a happy postscript, let me add that the Penney’s folk up here in Anchorage were wonderful and helpful and unless that stupid company messes up again, were able to get me an appointment for tomorrow. Yea Penney’s!