Costco strikes again

I was in there to buy my usual gross of paper towels, something you need when you have six parrots and a cockatoo, when I realized they have a liquor store section. Since I have only recently come to the art of the smart cocktail, I have never actually been in there before. Well, that’s not really true. I vaguely remember going in there once to buy a case of beer when some young cousins were coming to visit but that’s not a really sharp memory so it may not have actually happened.

At any rate, being a devoted Costco shopper (anyone need a few dozen extra sponges?), I went in to the liquor store part and purchased some stuff in the theory that I would then be set for my sister and her friends who are due to visit in July. After I got my haul home and started putting it away, it occurred to me that they could visit every year for the next ten years and I would probably still not run out. My, my, my. Those are certainly big bottles of stuff. I can only hope and pray that the alcohol in liquor keeps it from going bad for at least five years.