And we all learn to drive once again

No matter how short a time has elapsed between snow falls in Anchorage, each time the next snow fall hits, Anchorites once again prove that they have the attention span of gnats and the ability to hold learned behaviors equivalent to that of most 12 month olds. No, wait. That’s an insult to 12 month olds.

Each time it snows, why do some Anchorites feel that maybe this time it won’t be slippery so they can speed and change lanes and cut off those annoying people who insist on driving carefully thus depriving the speeders of their ability to get to wherever the hell they are going at least five minutes faster. Oh wait. It’s not the careful driver who keeps them from making that precious five minutes. It’s the fact that their car/truck/SUV is now upside in the ditch on the side of the road.