Aging eyes

Here’s the problem with aging eyes. I go to put my dog out a few days ago. I open the new French doors just installed that lead to my deck wherein there is a stairway down to the yard. The dog heads out but stops short and her back legs go out from under her. I watch her pick herself up and think that maybe she just slipped. She tries again and again seems to hit a wall as she exits and her back legs go down. And I think that Karie, the love of her life, told me that when they took a walk recently that Blondie’s back legs seemed shaky sometimes. And I thought, “Oh dear. Has she lost her back legs that quickly?”

So I lean down to comfort her as she lays in her fallen position looking forlornly out the door and that’s when I see that my contractor had been by that day and had put the screen doors in. Neither Blondie nor I have eyes good enough to have noticed that until we both got much closer to the door.