Do they really think we are such idiots?

The big “compromise” on the debt ceiling and the national debt, as announced by a “bipartisan” group of six seems to involve taking away the mortgage interest deduction, the tax break on your IRA and the tax break on health care costs. Hmmm… ok, let’s see how they plan to make this all equitable so that the richest 2% for whom those items aren’t a splashed pebble in their money pool will give up something too. Oh wait. They won’t. In fact, under the guise of making up to the middle class for removing tax breaks, this plan will lower the maximum tax rate. Let’s see… who will that benefit the most? Oh, that’s right. The richest in the country who are the only ones who pay that high rate while the middle class will barely see a change in what they pay.

Our entire government is owned by the rich. Bought and paid for. And we don’t stand a chance. But then, isn’t that how Louis XVI thought right before the revolution?