The flying black rhino

Surely you’ve seen the picture by now. The rhino is tranquillized, slung upside down under a helicopter and flown to a new sanctuary where his endangered species is protected. He’ll soon be joined by a female so that they can make many baby rhinos.

Imagine what that rhino must have thought when he finally came to from the tranquilizer. He had to think, “Wow. I must have been abducted by aliens. What a trip. Everything was upside down. And then they weighed me and gave me the darndest exam” And when he brings this up to his potential mate, imagine how thrilled she’s going to be to know that the father of her babies believes in alien abductions. Of course, since she will arrive at the sanctuary upside down and tranquillized, it’s not that she won’t actually believe him as much as she doesn’t want the neighbors to think they are “those kind of rhinos.”