The continuing saga of Blondie and the snow

See, as my mother might say, I still have the brains god born me with. I didn’t even try to take a walk with Blondie when all the snow fell on Thursday. And Blondie, god bless her, is so even more out of it now that she’s on all that prednisone that she doesn’t give a hoot on a good day.

I went to wrestle my trash and recycle can from the end of my driveway through the snow and into the garage. She followed me as far as the garage and just stood there looking out as I went down the driveway. She never even tried to stick her head out the door. By the time I’d gotten the two cans in and swept the snow back out, she was standing on the step leading to the inside door with her nose pressed up against it to try and get it to open.

She’s no fool!