Pajama jeans

Went to Target and walked the entire width and breath of the store twice before finding someone to help me. They eventually led me to what was left of the As Seen On TV section. No pajama jeans. But…

While having my hair done my hairdresser said she’d seen them in Fred Meyers. So I went over there and once again did about two miles of searching up and down every aisle until some kind store person rescued me and brought me to the tiny section of what was left of their As Seen On TV section. They had some pajama jeans left but none in my size. Only small sizes were left because, quite frankly, small size people don’t need to wear pajama jeans.

But now I’m a woman on a mission and will be searching online for my very own pajama jeans.

BTW…. I don’t watch TV commercials since, for the most part, I only watch TV that I’ve taped so I can fast forward through the commercials. Looking at some of the items in the As Seen On TV section gave me a whole new sense of wonder and fear at America’s capacity to be entranced by anything anyone tells them is new and shiny and great. I can’t believe some of that crap actually sells. Not that pajama jeans are crap. Oh no. They are the exception to the rule.