Amidst the clanging noise

Amidst the sweet sound of penny slot machines around me taking everyone’s money, I feel I need to stop for just a moment – and Sunday seemed the most appropriate day – to send a sad farewell to Rick Santorum. Since he never really had a chance at the presidency, I could contemplate his candidacy and glory in how easy it made it for me to write my weekly column. Where else are we going to find a candidate who will proclaim that he will work to ban female contraception when elected? Or who feels higher education is for snobs who want to lose their religion? Of course, Mitt Romney will gladly take those positions if it will buy him a few more votes but he’ll never proclaim his belief in them with quite the fervor that Rick brought to the debate.

So farewell Rick. We hardly knew ye… and what we did know, scared the bejesus out of us.