It’s not all that unusual

Poor Alisha Silverstone (Silverpoon? Who the heck is she anyway?) was seen on camera pre-chewing her baby’s food and the reaction to this sight was general horror on the part of the American public. Well folks, I hate to tell you this, but Gerber’s has not always existed. There was a time when moms had to make their own baby food for their little ones. And pre-chewing the food for them is an ancient and honorable custom. it’s one I watched in action many time in Barrow when moms wanted their babies to taste their traditional foods like whale or seal and the babies were too small to chew it safely. Mom chewed it first, then gave it to baby. Baby got to eat natural foods with no additives while growing accustomed to their traditional diet which was, and remains, way more nutritious and healthy than anything found in a vacuum sealed can or jar.