Why family is wonderful to have… no matter what a pain they can sometimes be

The days between my a death and funeral are hard. When someone dies, you sometimes don’t know what to do or how you’re supposed to act or how to feel normal again. So when my aunt died, we did what we’ve always done. The family gathered and we cooked until the stove and refrigerator no longer had any room for food and then we ate a big meal that was comprised of many of the dishes we remembered most from my aunt’s kitchen. Then we sat in front of the TV and watched videos of happier times when she was with us. And we laughed and reminisced and found comfort in the warmth that spreads when family gathers that way. No weeping or gnashing of teeth. Just joy at the memories and gratitude for the times we had with her and a newfound sense of gratitude that we all still had each other.