I can now talk about my Friday

I’ve had to take a day to calm down and believe that computers are good again before I could describe my Friday.

Came home from a lovely lunch with a friend to find my desktop, which had been showing signs of ailing, was now in full blown sick mode. So I picked it up (thank god it’s a mac and that involved very little beyond unplugging it) and drove to my friendly Mac repair store. Sat there an hour while they tried to fix it only to find out its troubles were deeper and it would need to be admitted. Came home and set my laptop up in my office. Decided if I was going to have to use it for a while, I might was well load my ergonomic keyboard and cordless mouse on it so I could write comfortably. Only it turns out that first I had to do a whole bunch of software upgrades that I’d been neglecting. While they were downloading, I went to my office closet to get the disks to mount the keyboard and mouse. Turns out I really am afraid to throw anything out that is computer related. I found manuals and disks for machines I haven’t had in years. I found software and hardware over a decade out of date. I found everything I would ever need to go back to a computer in 1999. The disks I needed for my computer in 2012 were found at the very bottom of the pile. By the time I’d loaded them on, it was 5 PM and no one was apparently willing to start their workday then when I was finally ready.

And no, I didn’t throw all that stuff out. You never know….

And yes, I did more than once mutter that when we used pen and paper, life was not nearly so complicated.