My chimney and Stellar Jays

Well, had another exciting morning. Stellar Jay ended up down my chimney. Dogs got hysterical trying to get through the glass doors to the fireplace. Parrots screeching as though I’d let the Parakeet Killer in to take them out. Put the dogs in the bedroom. Got a towel. Opened the outside door to the porch. Opened the door on the fireplace. Pulled the screen back carefully to try and catch the bird before it got loose in the house. Didn’t succeed. Bird flew to kitchen counter. Crapped on it. Saw open door and flew out to the tree next to the porch.

Somehow the pancake on the counter that was about to become my breakfast simply did not look as appetizing with Stellar Jay poop next to it as it did fives seconds before.

What IS it about my chimney that causes this to happen at least once a year?