Warehouse space needed

Bird TLC, our wild bird rehab facility here in Anchorage, is in desperate need of a place to relocate within the next six weeks. We need about 1000 – 2000 sq. ft. of space with an office. (The volunteers would also appreciate it if there was a bathroom but that’s probably not required.)

Just remember, we are the organization that put the word “non” in non-profit, so we can’t pay very much. But we’re really nice people and you would be helping the amazing birds of Alaska by helping us find space for them to heal when injured.

If you know of any space that might be appropriate and available, please hit the contact me button on this page and send me a message.

If we don’t find a space before we lose our current one, they are going to store frozen rats and mice in my garage freezer. So please remember that my family doesn’t need much more encouragement to sign the commitment papers. NOT having frozen rats and mice in my freezer might keep them at bay for another year or so.