I love snowpocalypse days

As someone who works out of her house, it means I can wander around in my nightie with my hair all cattywampus and never worry about anyone coming to the door or anyone expecting me to go out my door. My lovely snow plowing service, ironically called Just Lawns, shoveled my walkway and found my newspaper so I will soon curl up with that. Maybe I’ll watch another movie. Watched The Hobbit over two nights this weekend. Can’t watch movies like that in the theater anymore because they have done away with Intermission and I simply can no longer sit that long without a bathroom break. So I’ll find another long movie and watch it on and off all afternoon.

Sigh… how luxurious is my life…

Oh wait, that’s right, BuddhaBubba is refusing to step foot outside for fear of disappearing in a four foot snow drift… not an unlikely assumption for a dog barely one foot tall. But this means I will have to follow behind her all day to see what part of my house she will choose for her porta-potty today.