Wells Fargo

A banker at WF talked me into doing something that he said would eliminate monthly fees for my personal and business checking and saving accounts. But the monthly fees kept coming. And calls to my local branch were never answered. Finally got through to the 800 number. They informed me the application was never completed. Interesting since it was the banker doing the app. When I asked about the three years of fees that I should not have been receiving had their banker done his work, they informed me with great joy that they would reimburse me for the past five months. I guess WF didn’t get enough bail out money to pay me back everything they owed me. They figured $90 should cover it. And they kept insisting on talking about the services going forward when I kept insisting I wanted to go backwards and have them reimburse me for their mistake. They kept responding by telling me of other programs I could use. I kept telling them that if those programs were as fucked as the one I was already supposedly in, why would I want to. That brought us back to the going forward and going backward section of the conversation.

I hung up. On Monday, I will transfer all my accounts to Northrim Bank. I don’t have much money and WF will hardly miss my business. But still, I need to say from the bottom of my heart, screw you Wells Fargo. I hope you never get another cent from the government that my taxes supplied to carry on your sleazy trade.