What more could we possibly do to him?

We exchanged five prisoners for him. Five prisoners who we refused to allow to go to trial, refused to allow into the United States to go into a jail, refused to provide any limit to their unending stay at Gitmo. What do people expect to happen to the prisoners there? Will we keep them in a lifetime imprisonment without benefit of any legal counsel? Without any solid showing of crimes proven in a court of law? Does that not merely make us a pale imitation of the Russian gulags? Sentenced to life with no recourse to any chance to have the charges, if any, proven in a court of law… is this what we really want America to be? Better to bring back one of our own in a trade and then hopefully, give our soldier the chance we did not give them to prove any charges against him in a court of law. That, of course, leads to the interesting question of what we could possibly do to him that would be worse than the five years he spent as a Taliban prisoner.