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Just to continue annoying my cousin Joe


After annoying him for a lifetime, it’s nice to know I haven’t lost my touch. So this dog picture is just for you, Joe. Because I know it’s what you live for.

In this lovely photo, Carm (playing the part usually assigned to my sister Judy) is trying to pull a recalcitrant Snowy (usually played by me) through the fun of an afternoon walk in the sun. Neither Snowy nor I like the sun. And once Snowy has put his butt down, Carm has no better chance of moving him than my sister does of getting me to do her Bataan Death March… which is how normal people refer to her version of a brisk walk. Did I mention that she took a dog on this walk and halfway back, he sat down and refused to go another step until his owner came to pick him up in a car. It’s like I said… the Bataan Death March.