I tried to get a picture

I’m in my office working away when I hear sounds that indicate one of my dogs is choking to death. So I go into SuperMomma mode, jump up from my desk and run upstairs. There I find Carm with his newest toy (thanks Auntie Sonya) stuffed so firmly in his mouth that it is blocking his nose and he can’t breathe. But because Snowy is sitting right in front of him waiting for the toy to drop, Carm would clearly rather suffocate than give it up. I would have taken a picture had I not been laughing so hard. I grabbed the toy out of his mouth as he looked to be about to pass out and pointed out to him and Snowy that Auntie Sonya had sent EACH of them a toy and they didn’t have to compete for the one. They were totally unimpressed. The only toy worth having is clearly the toy the other dog has.