And here in Alaska, we go down the rabbit hole again

The state legislature has begun what has become its never ending sessions in Juneau on the same note they ended their sessions last year after multiple extra sessions were added to their regular schedule. And what was the problem, you ask? Well, there were two different philosophies at work in Juneau. There was the philosophy that said we need government services, we’ve cut as much as we can, the people of Alaska need to start chipping in for the services they get from the government. The other side insists we can still have a free ride if we accept absolutely no fiscal responsibility for our own state and, instead, continue to believe that some miracle will happen, the price of oil will jump up 150% and we’ll all be swimming in money again very soon. Meanwhile, they say, let’s drain all our savings accounts.

Based on statements coming out of the Alaska House and Senate, I’d say we are heading right back down that track with neither side having had even one creative thought on how to close the gap between their ideas on how to fix the budget. So buckle up, people, it’s going to be another long, frustrating and ultimately, probably, non-productive three to six months of watching our august legislative bodies squirm and twist and turn in every direction possible except for the one path that works.

Sigh. At least it gets our politicians out of town a few months which makes our towns feel so much cleaner.