Morning at my computer

The dogs race into the office for the first treat of the day. It’s how we start each day at the computer. Snowy grabs the chicken jerky and runs with it. Carm looks at it as if he can’t believe I’m giving him something that unappetizing and walks away from it. I toss it onto his doggie bed in the office. Snowy come back for more and sees the unattended chicken jerky. He slowly and surreptitiously circles the uneaten chicken jerky on Carm’s bed. Carm, using some sense that dogs have when another dog is sniffing around what’s theirs, comes racing down from upstairs where he went in disgust at the sad treat I was offering. He finds Snowy standing quietly over the jerky, staring at it with total focus to make sure it doesn’t accidentally disappear if he takes his eyes off of it for a minute. Carm quietly sneaks his head under Snowy’s and grabs the now most desirable chicken jerky and goes back to his dog bed with it where he chews on it with the least amount of enthusiasm ever seen in a dog supposedly enjoying a treat. Snowy stares in dismay. I give them both a different treat just to get them to move on in life. Carm likes the second one better. Snowy grabs the partially chewed jerky after almost swallowing the second treat whole and runs with it. Carm is now standing next to my chair looking quite dismayed. I give him another treat. I would have made a lousy mother.