My feelings about Melania are, to put it mildly, mixed. On the one hand, she married that POS currently sullying the White House voluntarily. Right there we have to question her sanity or morals or values or something. Something definitely wasn’t working when she made that decision.

Then, she clearly slept with him or Baron wouldn’t exist. So for reasons unknown to god or man, she let that melted creamsicle crawl on top of and into her. Just writing that makes me want to barf.

And I’m guessing there are few beyond POS’ insane worshipers who don’t believe that marriage is over in all but name and public face. I think it’s pretty telling when your husband and the father of your child doesn’t wish you a Happy Mother’s Day or give you a birthday present.

All that aside, she mostly seems like a deer in the headlights. This was clearly not what she had in mind when she made her deal with the devil. I’m guessing she thought she’d live the life of a wealthy NYC socialite and the most scrutiny she’d undergo would be her face for signs of the latest “pick my ups”.

Which brings me to the real topic at hand. Raise your hand if you really think Melania was in the hospital for some kidney thing. OK, all of you with your hands up, go back to your families and ask when they hid your intelligence.

Just think about it. A procedure that should cost you a day in the hospital cost her a week. A week in the hospital and then total disappearance from the public platform. You know what that says to me. Not kidney surgery as much as cosmetic surgery.

Face it, folks. Melania went in for a “touch up”, though I’m not sure how much tighter they can pull her skin over her cheek bones without pulling her nose apart. So I say that we save all our sympathy until we see how well the surgery worked. Pray for her. If it didn’t work, then POS is definitely on the prowl for number four.