What is wrong with these drivers

Anchorage roads have been worse than crappy lately… bumpy, slick, lane lines invisible, two lanes down to one… just horrible. And yet for some reason, some people who drive trucks seem to think that they can get through anything if they just continue to speed and weave in and out of traffic while throwing up so much snow that the car behind them has zero visibility.

I realize this is not all truck drivers. Some seem sane and sensible. But there is a segment of the population… let’s call them men of a certain age who still have only a boy’s maturity… whose trucks are seen in ditches more than any other kind of vehicle.

So let me state this as clearly as I can. Just because you are driving a truck does not give you the right to endanger every other car on the road. Wherever you are going… other than racing a non-responsive person to an emergency room… will be waiting for you even if you get there two to three minutes later.