Send out those congratulation cards now!

Melania Trump’s parents were sworn in this week as US citizens. Thank god they were able to get by the strict controls being put on immigrants… legal or otherwise… by Trump’s favorite evil dwarf, Steven Miller.

Have you seen this man? Don’t you wish he was an immigrant – legal or otherwise – so we could toss him out. I mean, we’d find a reason. Just like he’s finding reasons to punish legal immigrants for following the law. How dare they? Told they had to get Obamacare, so they did. Now little Stevie is saying he can throw them out for that. Ever used any product that had government money involved? Legality be damned. Out, out damned immigrant.

Here’s the reasons I can come up with to toss Steven Miller out of America, whether he was born here or not. Because, unless he’s Native American, he’s an immigrant at some point in his past and should have to face the same penalties as every other immigrant – legal or otherwise.

So I think anyone whose hairline recedes to meet his neck hair should be made to leave my country. (Seriously, it looks like his hair is trying to flee his head.) I think anyone who looks like an evil villain from central casting should be pushed out. I think anyone whose smile is more frightening than his frown should be shown the door. I think anyone who can’t get laid despite showing his White House credentials and bank balance should be asked to go back to his homeland.

So would someone please give this man a one way ticket to… oh, let’s say Russia… where he can enjoy all the perks of a dictatorship and women will be forced to have sex with him. It’s probably – hopefully – the only way he’ll ever get a chance to reproduce. Got to stop those hate genes at some point.