I’m either really bored or my mother has taken up residency in my head

Today is my Bird TLC day but because I am snowed in and my driveway won’t get plowed until the afternoon, I wasn’t able to go in today. So there I was up, dressed, dogs medicated and dogs and birds fed by 8 with my mornings plans canceled and too much coffee in me to go back to sleep. So what did I do? Well, so far I’ve:

1. Matched my Tupperware with lids and threw out all those lids and containers that had no mates. I matched approximately 12 containers with lids and threw out about 300.

2. Did two loads of wash, including one that is the dogs’ blanket that covers my bed in the vain hope of keeping my bedspread clean. It doesn’t but the fantasy works for me.

3. Emptied and cleaned out the refrigerator before the sanitation police were notified of unidentified bacteria growing in my refrigerator door.

4. Put both fresh stuff drawers from the refrigerator through the dishwasher because… well, best not to ask and I won’t tell. It involved something going rotten all the way in the back of the drawer.

And it’s only 1 PM. I think I’ll go upstairs and see what else I can get into. Maybe today is the day I finally empty out the last closet, the one in Jim and Janis’ room. It’s the one with all the stuff I’m not going to want to part with so the exercise will mostly be to empty the closet and rearrange everything so it looks like I got rid of stuff.

OK, I guess I have my afternoon activity now planned.