Just imagine for a moment

Just imagine for a moment that Obama appointed his brother in law to a high position in the White House based on no discernible skills and then put him in charge of reorganizing the government, creating peace in the mid-east and handling all issues of cyber security for the White House. Now imagine a Republican congress finding out that Obama’s brother in law couldn’t get permanent top secret clearance and yet was allowed access to it for over a year. Hear those screams for impeachment?

Amazing, isn’t it, that there are currently no screams coming from this Republican congress. I guess incompetence, lack of any progress and generally being a liar under oath has no resonance with Republicans so long as it’s one of theirs.

So the Republican hierarchy of priorities is: Self-interest; NRA; Republican Party; covering up all sex scandals; giving their friends a huge tax break no matter what it does to the national debt; loyalty to America.

Well, at least loyalty to country made the top five.