Anchorage Prop. 1 – bringing back discrimination against a group of people who have caused no harm

So the Anchorage Assembly a few years ago passed an equal rights ordinance that extends protection to transgender people. This action, which was really nothing more than basic humanity exerting itself on behalf of people whose voice is too often drowned out by hate in the guise of religion, has apparently sent some members of the conservative “Christian” right into a tizzy. They fume and squeal over how many straight male sex offenders will now dress up as women to try and get into the ladies’ restroom to do god knows what to god knows who.

So here’s my question – where do these people who are trying to overturn this ordinance think trans people have been going to the bathroom all this time? A trans-woman is certainly not going to go into the men’s bathroom. So I’m going to guess that all these years, women have shared restrooms with trans-women with no harm at all befalling them.

Then, my favorite argument, they are protecting their little girls from these clearly dangerous people. Seriously? Do these “Christians” not get that trans people are no more pedophiles than gay people are? Does their religion really require them to hate and put down another group of people in order for them to continue to feel their superiority? And if it does, is it really a religion that should get any respect at all, let alone tax exemptions?

Quite honestly, given what we’ve learned about so many conservative Christians with wide stances in the bathroom, I’d rather be sharing it with a trans-person any day.

Oh yeah, and the reason I keep putting Christianity in quotations when referring to the hate group that is trying to pass this ordinance is because I am unable to reconcile their hateful stance against some of their god’s creations with the Christianity I was raised in. I see no reference to gays or trans people in the New Testament. And since Jesus was supposedly on earth to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament, thus giving birth to a new religion, I don’t see how Christians can keep a straight face when quoting only those parts of the OT that meets their criteria.

Now if they want to work on a real problem, how about the fact that Jesus said, “What God had joined together, let no man put asunder”. How do they reconcile that with a president they support who is on his third wife? Or any member of their congregation that has been divorced?

Hypocrisy they name is conservative Christian.