Some advice to Trump on working with his kids

Here’s how my family handled working with their kids when we were growing up. They didn’t.

My Uncle Joe and my dad both had stores… one grocery, one grocery and then beer. Both had sons. Neither thought working with that son all the time was a great idea. So during our teen years, my brother got a job outside of the store and my cousin Joe came down to the shore in the summer and worked for my dad. The theory was that while my cousin Joe might give his father grief and slightly get away with it, he knew if he gave his Uncle Phil grief that his parents would annihilate him for acting in a way that embarrassed them. So he spent his summers working  very respectfully for my dad and his parents never once got a report on his actions that caused them to want to take him out of this world.

The POS currently sullying the White House while trying to deal with a dysfunctional family should take a lesson from this story. And the lesson is… never work with your own kids if you can fob them off on someone else. This is especially true when neither your daughter nor her husband has the faintest idea of what they’re doing and who they are doing it for. Well, except for Ivanka. She’s doing it to get daddy’s approval. And daddy is keeping her close by because, let’s face it, he’s not exactly getting warm fuzzies from Melania so it’s up to Ivanka to keep his overblown ego stroked enough to not want to start WW III.

God help me, I’m almost missing Bush 2, the shrub.