How do you visit a school and not visit with the students

Let’s be real here. Betsy DeVos was never qualified to lead the Dept. of Education. Hell, she isn’t qualified to lead the PTA in Kaktovik. She opens her mouth and stupidity spills out so rapidly you need to put a bucket under her chin to catch all the crap. She goes before the Congress and cannot answer the simplest questions about her department and its activities. The only solution she can come up with for school shootings is arming teachers. I mean, why bother to even say that. Why not just hand out the NRA position paper with bullet points you were given in case this question came up.

But to go to a school where students are still coping with the fresh horror of a school shooting that left teachers and students dead and not spend any time with the students… well, that’s just be an asshole of the Trump variety. She might not agree with the position these students are taking about the problem but she owes them the respect to at least sit down with them and hear them out. Isn’t that one of the things we want students to learn… how to be active in their community, how to dump the passive role and become part of the solution instead of just griping about the problem, how to be CITIZENS with a voice in their country?

The POS currently sullying the White House has consistently picked people to head federal departments who are nothing more nor less than fodder for late night TV hosts. Dr. Carson and his belief that Africans brought to America during the slave trade were just a different kind of “immigrant”. Or Perry heading the Dept. of Energy  – the department he vowed to eliminate if elected president. Or putting in a climate change denier at EPA. Or choosing a vice president who’s afraid to eat with a woman unless his wife is present. Yep, that in no way will hamper a woman’s career.

There should be a way to impeach this asshole before he destroys not only America’s standing and reputation in the world but also destroys the foundations of the government that have kept us leading the world for almost a century. The damage one person can do in such a short period of time is simply amazing.