So what is more disgraceful?

The POS currently sullying the White House calls Oakland’s mayor a disgrace because she warned immigrants of an upcoming raid. Really? That’s a disgrace but being publicly involved in a lawsuit with a porn star you “allegedly” cheated on your wife with isn’t possibly a bigger one?

Here’s the person who is taking America down one day at a time into the world’s laughing stock instead of the world’s leader; here’s the person whose name is being ripped off hotels all over the world because he is so unpopular; here’s the person who made fun of a differently abled individual on television; here’s someone who invited Russia to hack our election; here’s someone who thinks grabbing pussy is something to brag about… good god, the list goes on and on. Yet he thinks the mayor of Oakland is a disgrace for wanting to keep members of her community safe.

The mayor of Oakland is a decent human being. The POS currently sullying the White House hasn’t been a decent human being since he came out of his mother’s womb.