And this is why no one goes to downtown Anchorage

So I went downtown to meet someone for brunch. Found a space across from the restaurant to park. Tried to pay the meter with my credit card. Wouldn’t take it. Looked for money. Had no ones. Looked for change. Gave the machine everything I had and then tried to do all my business before it expired.

Got out and, of course, found a ticket. Came home and, like a good little Catholic girl, immediately went online to pay it. Getting into the Easy Park system took the better part of twenty minutes of signing in and signing up so I could pay online. I created an account, gave them a credit card number and hit pay. Got a notice that the payment was declined. Screen told me NOT to touch or change anything but to contact the Easy Park office. So I called.

As we speak, I’ve been on hold now for twenty minutes trying to straighten this out.

Ask me how willing I am to go downtown for anything after this.