Was this their plan all along

I see and hear from more and more people who are simply so tired and disgusted by the horror that is the current administration in DC that they want to just… and pardon this old hippie but it says it best… tune in and drop out. (I deliberately left out the turn on because unless we are talking about the tv, most of us old hippies are way too old to turn on.)

Anyhow, I have to wonder if this hasn’t been their plan all along – act so egregiously for so long that decent people will drop out of the ugly and nasty conversation currently occurring in the White House where once Lincoln debated intelligently with his council of rivals. Now we have the POS currently sullying it having discussions with his family on how best to rip off every cent they can before they run for asylum to Russia.

Please don’t give in to the the exhaustion this hideous group of almost humans are subjecting us to. If you do, they win. We have to stand strong, try not to vomit too often when we hear of the latest bit of hate they are unleashing on our country and never lose sight of the goal of once again seeing America with an honorable government and president.

We have to endure. To give up would be to surrender to the basest, ugliest and most hateful administration to ever smear our country with their shit.

2 thoughts on “Was this their plan all along”

  1. John Havelock says:

    Elise, it is too important to allow a drop out, particularly when, as you do, you have an educational talent. I thought the ADN had canned me, turned down a column first time in fifty years but when I tested last week, they printed my piece describing Trump’s strategy for avoiding impeachment
    You are easily the best columnist the ADN has had in the past few years. Maybe they will rethink. I understand they are looking for a new editorial page editor.
    If you have found some other method of public education in the IT world, I would be interested in knowing about it and either going there myself or joining you if that is the kind to thing that works. I thought of a title: “True North” borrowed from the navigator who has to deal with iron deposits and shifts in the magnetic pole as well as the polar adjustment to figure out true north. Anyway, I have gone far enough, maybe too far with presumption. I will always be looking for your voice.

    1. Elise Patkotak says:

      Thanks for the compliment about my writing. Here’s a question – did they pay you for the column? And who did you send it to? Just commentary?
      Personally, I’m finding it somewhat freeing and exhilarating to just post on my blog without censoring myself.
      But I sure was glad to see you back in the paper. Reasonable discourse is in short supply nowadays.

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