Jimmy Carter vs POS

Jimmy Carter may not have been the most effective president we ever had but he sure in hell is one of the most decent and honorable. His biggest personal scandal was admitting that sometimes he had lust in his heart. Seriously, his biggest personal failure was to have sexual urges about women other than his wife that he never acted on. Yep, kids, you read that right. Men who are honorable and decent may see a woman they find attractive, may even have a little fun fantasy about her, but they don’t act out every animal impulse that hits their brain. They don’t grab her pussy, don’t try to kiss her – in fact, don’t do anything to violate the marriage vows they took or the women they are “lusting” after in their hearts.

I realize that for today’s youth this must seem awfully old fashioned given what currently sullies the White House calling itself president. We’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a dog for president. We’d had 16 years with two presidents who actually felt called to honor their marriage vows. After all, the Shrub followed Clinton and, despite great dislike for his policies, actions, advisors… well, you get the idea… despite that, he seemed happily married, a good father, husband and family man – thus proving there was a day when you could be a conservative Republican and still have morals.

After the Shrub we had Obama. Anyone getting even a brief glimpse of him with Michelle can see that he is still deeply in love. When he’s with her, he looks like the guy who can’t believe she said yes and is actually married to him. Not a hint of scandal followed him. Like Bush, he was a good dad, a good family man and someone very much committed to his marriage vows as a way to show Michelle how much he respected her and honored their life together.

As Paul Newman once said when asked how his marriage to Joann Woodward lasted so long, “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home.”

Now let’s fast forward to today. We have a POS sullying the White House who wouldn’t recognize a moral or an ethic if his life depended on it. He whores around with prostitutes and then cheats on his prostitutes with other prostitutes. He grabs pussy and brags about it. He forces kisses on women because he’s sure they want his disgusting tongue in their mouth. He hasn’t had a wife he hasn’t cheated on. He hasn’t had a girlfriend on the side while married that he didn’t cheat on with yet another girlfriend. He openly lusts for his daughter. His sons (minus Baron) look like villains from an 80s movie about Wall Street. And we know for sure that at least one of them has taken after dear old dad in the way he was conducting his marriage.

A recent poll showed that over 50% of Republicans think this POS is a good role model. Now even granted that most sensible, good and decent Americans no longer are willing to publicly proclaim they are Republicans, that the remainder of the Rs think POS is a good role model is positively frightening. I can’t imagine what their idea of a bad role model would be.