Here’s the thing about religion as lived by the conservative and evangelical

Here’s my Easter message… the hypocrisy and schizophrenia so blatantly visible in most of the world’s “great” religions are mind blowing for those of us who believe the persons at the center of those religions would find their current incarnations a disgusting bastardization of what they preached.

Christians and Muslims both purport to exemplify a religion of love, mercy and peace. They will then kill you if you don’t agree. You know, just like Jesus would have done.

Since I don’t know many Muslims, this is about evangelical and conservative Christians mostly, though I’m pretty sure there are as many examples in the Muslim world as there are in the Christian world.

Here in Anchorage, Jerry Prevo’s parishioners and Minnery’s Family Council members are piously kneeling down and praying that their god of love and mercy will make all LGBTQ people go to hell immediately so they don’t have to inhabit the world with them. They would like all immigrants to leave America except for those they are underpaying to clean their houses and watch their children. They accept a pussy grabber in the White House and call him a Christian because their values and morals are as much for sale as his are… assuming he has any moral values.

Conservative and Evangelical Christians treat “others” like trash, making me wonder if they read the same Bible I had to read as a child. Except for beating the moneylenders out of the temple, Jesus was a pretty cool dude – accepted EVERYONE without question. In fact, given the size of some of these crystal palaces called churches, Jesus would probably only enter one to beat the people in there out of it – starting at the impossibly opulent Vatican and ending at Jerry Prevo’s somewhat shabby temple.

Wonder what the world would be like if  people claiming to follow a certain god actually paid attention to what that god had to say about how to live?